Marketing Services

Media Placement

It takes very little talent to purchase advertisement in a small market like Alaska. The challenge is to buy media effectively with purpose and profitable potential for the client. As a marketing firm, we understand media buying strategies vary depending on what medium is being bought, what company it is being bought for, the budget the company is working with, and the goals that are trying to be obtained.

Buzzbizz Studios offers a unique blend of science, awareness, and gut when creating result oriented media buying strategies for your company. It’s important to start with the study of microeconomics, couple it with a firm grasp of socioeconomics, and demographic segmentation. Then we pair what the science tells us with an awareness of our community. Top it all off with a touch of gut and you end up with intuitive buying strategies as unique as the companies they are engineered for.

Buying advertising space is only the start of media management. The real work comes from understanding the outcomes of media campaigns. It’s not enough to rely on your successes. Rather, we glean from what we can from success and find ways to multiply that success for you. We are consistantly tweaking your strategy in order to stay up with consumers’ ever-changing buying habits. This is all a part of a process that is broken down as follows.

Media Placement has four repeating steps: Plan, Buy, Probe, and Tweak.


Doing research to ensure your message is going to be conveyed to the right audience.


Finding the right blend of reach and frequency to achieve your advertising goals.


Analyze the results of your media buy. Probe into what worked and what needs work.


Make the necessary adjustments required to multiply the success of your campaign.