• We have used your team for everything from the simple business card to high gloss, full color, color bleed rack cards that we 'Had To Have' within 48 hours. Regardless of what we have been able to throw at you or the limited amount of lead time we give, your staff has taken it in stride and provides us the creative/corporate collateral that reflects the professionalism that our clients expect


  • Michael and his staff were so easy to work with… From the development of our questions and coaching us on content covered in our TV shows, to making us feel right at home in front of the camera.


  • I am so glad I called and asked for your help. I look forward to working with you over the next year. Thank you again!


  • The professionalism of your staff (from Designers to Receptionist) is first rate and emphasizes the importance you place on customer service and satisfaction. Whether we are working with an existing design or need complete design and marketing support it has been very beneficial for Swan to have a one stop shop that we know can handle any job.

    Swan HR

  • Remember the Ice has been a client of Buzzbizz Creative since May of 2005. They have saved me time, energy, and alleviated stress—allowing my company to Be Seen and Be Heard for a reasonable investment.


  • Thank you to everyone who worked on bringing our website up-to-date with the times, and making it even better! I look forward to working with your company on future marketing projects.


The Buzzbizz Creative Difference

Whether you are a seasoned pro or it’s your first time working with a video production studio, our methodology to crafting fantastic stories is very straightforward: recognize the purpose of your video, assign the best creatives to your project, then follow our proven process to produce creative, effectual and effective videos.

Our Methodology

Project Management

Every project begins with your project manager developing a production schedule that reflects budgets, timeframes, and project requirements. Your project manager manages your project throughout the process – from conception to completion – giving you a single point of contact that keeps everything on time and on budget.


The first step to developing the strategy is holding a kickoff meeting. Here we meet with your team to determine your wants and needs. The kickoff meeting outlines your project’s objectives, target audience, content, and logistics.


After kickoff, we head to brainstorming and concept development with our production team. The team creates storyboards, scripts, and production timelines. We then come back to you and summarize the necessary requirements to execute each concept.

Production Management

Once you approve a concept, we dive into production management. We prepare for everything leading up to the shoot. We audition talent, scout locations, arrange teams and equipment, and develop the production schedule.


This phase collects all the video footage that will be required for your project. Our videographers shoot footage from the shot list, interviews, b-roll, etc. This is also when audio is recorded, music selections are approved, and graphics like logos and photographs are collected for editing.

Rough Cut

Here begins post-production where our editors cut footage, audio, and other assets together to create a rough cut. This is also when motion graphics are introduced to the project if needed. The rough cut is presented to your team for feedback.

Fine Cut

The fine cut integrates your feedback. Adjustments are made to music, voice-overs, graphics, and footage as needed. The fine cut is the step where the final touches to storyline and presentation are made.

Final Cut

Ready your production for completion with the final cut, where color correction, audio mastering, and file authoring are accomplished. This is when polishing touches are made and your project is prepared for delivery.


After final approval has been made, your production is converted to whatever necessary files your application requires and delivered to you or any other agency you need.

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