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When recording live events, you don’t get a second chance to get it right. That is why we only use the best of digital recording technology and pristine microphones to capture your recording. Buzzbizz Creative can record up to 24 tracks simultaneously in virtually any environment. Our professional audio engineers have the experience to make sure the perfect microphone for each situation is used while considering the source’s surroundings and importance in the mix.

Once we have successfully recorded your event, trust us to put the entire event into perspective with a professional post production treatment where we mix and master your recordings to perfection. Raw files are always kept safe and copies are made available to you for archiving.

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Audio production script, Alaska marketing,


Whether creating a concept from scratch or adapting your rough idea, Buzzbizz Creative can produce scripts for your audio production resulting in target messaging that connects with your target audience.

Audio Production voice talent, live recording


Getting the right voice for a project can be a very frustrating experience if you’re not in the biz. Buzzbizz Creative helps you by using our vast network of voice talents from the best of local and national talent pools.

audio production background music, Alaska marketing


What is in the background is as important as the foreground in many audio pieces. Creating the right space and feel is an art, and Buzzbizz Creative is the Bach of Foley and background music for your audio production.

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