Video Production


Once scripts are written, storyboards and shotlists are set, it is time to go behind the camera and collect the assets that make up any production. Spectacular videography is the foundation of professional video production. Directors, producers, videographers, and video editors all agree, “if you don’t have a good picture, you will end up with an inferior product”. That is why the team at Buzzbizz Studios only works with high definition (HD) cameras and high-quality lighting and sound gear.


Story telling with video is an art centered around the camera. Like making delicious cake, starting with the right ingredients is key to a superb end product. Buzzbizz Studios starts with award winning videographers whose passion is capturing stunning video. Then we mix in state-of-the-art equipment like the Sony FS-100 high definition 35mm format camera and a myriad of professional gadgets to ensure each shot is captured perfectly.


When capturing video, lighting can make or break a perfect shot. That is why Buzzbizz Studios brings plenty of lighting firepower to the set. Equipped with both LED and tungsten lighting systems, our crew comes ready for any situation. From dramatic and extreme lighting to enhancing natural light, you can be confident that our team will get the right light for the right situation everytime.


A distinct advantage of using Buzzbizz Studios for your video production is our professional audio production facility. We feel that nothing ruins a great video project faster than bad sound. So before your project is rendered for broadcast or distribution, the audio tracks are sent to the recording studio for mastering. Here our award winning audio engineer fine tunes your audio tracks to perfection. This is the icing on the cake every project deserves, but very few get unless produced at Buzzbizz Studios.