About Us

The Team

Everything we do at Buzzbizz Studios is harnessed through fundamental teamwork. The crew is a hand picked group of professionals chosen for superb expertise in their particular field. Each member is unique in their own way, but they all have one thing in common: a drive for excellence and a world class creative vein. Thinking outside of the box for most is what we do by nature. Every project is a new opportunity to conjure up the next new thing no one else has done before. This is what keeps us coming back for more.

Michael Buzinski

President/ CEO

(aka "Buzz")

Bringing a “never say die” attitude to everything he does, Buzz founded Buzzbizz Studios in 2005 after serving in the United States Air Force for 10 years. He blends 25 years of marketing experience with a decade of world travel to create a unique knack for seeing unexplored perspectives when it comes to marketing.

Michael’s passion for helping small and medium-sized businesses comes from serving large corporations early in his career. Examining what makes the giants tick has helped him formulate a marketing process that can scale down effective corporate strategies while keeping in mind the ever-present limited budgets of small business.

Buzz is a community minded person who spends much of his spare time (what he has of it) serving his community by serving on multiple non-profit boards, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and raising money for local charitable causes. Of course, he does sneak in an occasional trip down the Seward Highway on his motorcycle and always finds time to get some fishing done during the summer.

James Brown

Graphic Design Lead

James Brown hails from the bustling micropolis of Soldotna, Alaska. His interest in the arts eventually led him off to college in some desolate place called the Phoenix metro area in the middle of Arizona. Señor Brown learned from many graphic design greats, the art of design with (gasp) pencil, pen, marker and paint on paper and mixed medium—this was just before the giant, Adobe, convinced many in the profession that such skills are useless. A simple turn of fate opened up the door for Brown to return to his homeland where his love of the obsolete blossomed at a local newspaper that featured daily editions printed on a half-century-old, Frankenstein of a web news press. Brown persevered and came away with a full understanding of the 4-color process in all its glory and limitations. Believe you—me; dude knows his stuff. A few hops, skips and jumps later, he now resides in the quaint Los Anchorage muni of Alaska. To this day James Brown still wonders what the heck is up with people randomly belting out classic soul and Motown tunes at the call of his name. Why yes, much of the time Mr. Brown does in fact feel good. So what?

Jenna! Fleur Roosdett

Graphic Designer / Print Shop Coordinator

Jenna! joined the Buzzbizz Studios team in August 2014 after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alaska Anchorage, where she worked as a leader and designer for multiple student organizations.

Her love for the digital arts started early in life as she awkwardly created horrific graphics in Paint and KidPix. From then on her passion for life-long learning centered around graphic design and her obsessive need for quality sparked her interest in illustration, photography and printmaking.

Jenna! is the type of soul who will go above and beyond all expectations to make someone's day and strives to get her clients excited about projects that just /need/ to get done. She works best with her kitty on her lap and a Disney blu-ray playing in the background, but throw her on any computer with Adobe and you'll get some stunning designs.

Ryan Carrillo

Account Coordinator

Ryan is a recent transplant from Texas, and a graduate of Political Science from Texas State University. He is used to having his hands on multiple projects simultaneously, and is a master of workflow and project management. He is passionate about meeting goals and exceeding expectations, two things synonymous with Buzzbizz Studios. In his spare time, Ryan is an active member in numerous non-profits and loves giving back to the things he believes in. Most prominently, Ryan is an international level competitor in the sport of powerlifting, and has represented the United States multiple times on the world stage.

Ryan has worn many hats in his professional career. Photographer, videographer, media manager, and more. This experience affords Ryan a unique set of skills that help him excel in project management and helps him better serve his clients. Have questions or need help deciding what the right course of action is for marketing your business? Look no further, Ryan is here to guide you and help you achieve your small business dreams.

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