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Audio and video Conversions

Throughout the evolution of the video and audio age, you have been directed by the industry to use many formats to view your choice of video and listen to your music. From reel-to-reel to blu-ray, from vinyl to DVD audio, videophiles and audiophiles alike have demanded the latest technology for their entertainment experience. For the rest of us, we have had to try and keep our collections of memories in formats current machines will recognize. Buzzbizz Studios uses commercial grade machines to read your VHS tapes, Mini DV, DV CAM and Super VHS tapes to digitally capture your video to DVD in a format that is recognized by all DVD players and current computer programs. On the audio end, we take vinyl, cassette tapes, mini cassettes, DAT tapes along with mini discs and convert them to either data files or audio compact discs. In all cases, the quality of your original is preserved onto as many copies as you request.

Audio Conversions:

  • Vinyl - $1 per minute ($35 minimum)
  • Cassette - $35 per tape
  • Mini-Cassette - $35 per tape
  • Digital Audio Tape (DAT) - $45 per tape Converted to CD or File
  • Additional copies of CDs available. Click for quote
  • File versions available: MP3, AIFF, WAV

Video Conversions:

  • VHS - VHS-C - Super VHS (S-VHS)
    • $35: 0 – 30 minutes
    • $45: 31 – 60 minutes
    • $55: 61 – 120 minutes
  • 8mm or High-8 tape - $45 per tape
  • Mini-DV, DV tape - $55 per tape
  • Encode to AVI, MOV, MPEG & FLV - additional $1 per minute ($35 minimum) Call 907-272-2899 for more details


If you are looking to take your music to the next level, one of the best tools you can use is a producer. Buzzbizz Studios offers full producer services. From pre-production through the mixing process, you will have a second set of professional ears to help you realize the best in your project. Call today for a free consultation at 272-2899.


We duplicate DVDs and Blu-Rays in any amount, large or small. We offer a multitude of packaging options and we are certified “Made in Alaska”. Get an on-line quote now.