Record­ing Studio

Audio Mastering

The final touch of every great recording is the mastering process. To properly master your tracks, our audio engineers have mastered the science of frequencies and their spatial relationships to create a full spectrum balance in your recording.

The second step or the mastering process involves a multi-step procedure of dynamic processing. This method shapes the dynamics in small steps until the perfect feel is reached. Finally, we maximize treatment to achieve the hottest signal before distortion possible for a solid and pleasant listening experience. Call to get a flat rate quote today.

Before and After


If you are looking to take your music to the next level, one of the best tools you can use is a producer. Buzzbizz Studios offers full producer services. From pre-production through the mixing process, you will have a second set of professional ears to help you realize the best in your project. Call today for a free consultation at 272-2899.


We duplicate DVDs and Blu-Rays in any amount large or small. We offer a mulitude of packaging options and we are certified “Made In Alaska”. Get an on-line quote now.