Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Buzzbizz Creative is a professional recording studio in Anchorage, Alaska dedicated to giving working musicians and recording enthusiasts alike an affordable option to getting top quality audio recording, audio mixing, and audio mastering services. The team is passionate about your music and has over 25 years of experience in a wide range of music genres. From jazz to rap, from blues to heavy metal, from folk to country; your engineer understands the history and current trends of your particular genre.

Audio Mastering & Audio Production

The other side of Buzzbizz Creative’s audio department is audio production and audio mastering for marketing professionals and business owners. Whether it is creating a unique radio spot, writing a jingle, or creating quality sound for video, you can count on Buzzbizz Creative to deliver every time.

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We duplicate DVDs and Blu-Rays in any amount large or small. We offer a mulitude of packaging options and we are certified “Made In Alaska”. Get an on-line quote now.