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Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Regardless of what some may say, direct mail is still a very viable option for targeted marketing. When done right, direct mail can reach exactly who you need when you need, which can create great ROI on your marketing investments. With Alaska being so spread out, direct mail is many times the perferred method to use when needed to reach out to remote communitees around the state. With an in house commercial printer, we can take care of the printing, address and postage; all with one phone call. So call 272-2899 today or click here to receive your custom quote.

Preparing Files

Buzzbizz Studios enjoys helping those who have prepared their own design for print. To help make sure your files are ready to the best possible print output, we have prepared a few guidelines. Click here to get full compliment of technical provisions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Buzzbizz Studios, we are committed to your satisfaction. This is why we guarantee the quality of all printed materials we sell. If you are not completely satisfied, bring your print project back and we will replace it for free. Call the studio for details.