Media Duplication

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Media Duplication

CD & DVD Duplication

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There are two options when getting your CDs and DVDs reproduced: Media Duplication or Media Replication.

Media Duplication

CD and DVD Duplication is an affordable option if you are looking to make a small run of discs as little as one. A recordable disc is “burned” with your content to high-quality media. If you are looking for a short run between one and 1000 CDs or DVDs, duplication is most likely your best bet. All CD duplication or DVD duplication is certified "Made in Alaska" and enjoy lightning fast turn-arounds at great prices.

Media Replication

CD Replication works with a glass master from your original master. Then a nickel stamper is created from the glass master and then a clear optical-grade polycarbonate substrate (the disc) from the nickel stamper. The process creates an exact replication of your CD or DVD. Replication is the the perfect match for larger runs of 1000 and over, or when a silk screen finish on the discs are desired.

Preparing Files

Media Replication

Buzzbizz Creative enjoys helping those who have prepared their own design for print. To help make sure your files are ready to the best possible print output, we have prepared a few guidelines. Click here to get full compliment of technical provisions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cd Duplication

At Buzzbizz Creative, we are committed to your satisfaction. This is why we guarantee the quality of all printed materials we sell. If you are not completely satisfied, bring your print project back and we will replace it for free. Call the studio for details.