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Marketing Strategy

Today’s marketing world is very diverse. There are more options than ever before to choose from when putting your marketing strategy together. From traditional mass media formats like radio and television to new media options such as social media and e-commerce, the possibilities are endless. How well you meld your choices with your message can mean the difference between success and failure.

It is essential to start your marketing efforts with a solid marketing strategy. With BBS in your corner, you will have a marketing fiduciary able to create an effective marketing strategy custom made for your business’ success.

Because our core clientele are local businesses, we understand that you have to make the best of every dollar you spend on your marketing. That is why we are careful to only work with proven marketing techniques that can be monetized.


with you to discuss your current situation. Once we have a good understanding of your vision, we can start the strategy process.


Taking in account your current situation and your vision, create realistic goals to which we will measure your success.


has to come next to make sure the strategies we create for your are financially feasible for your business and will facilitate your goals.


Taking into account your vision, goals and budget, we research your industry and create a custom marketing strategy.


your strategy, facilitate production, and monitor all media placement for the duration of your campaigns.

What's a Marketing Fiduciary?

We take the honor of helping you with your success very seriously. We believe your success is our success and in achieving that success we will always act in your best interest. This means our interests can never be a part of your marketing plan. We promise to always act as if your company was our own.

Being your marketing fiduciary also means that once you become a managed marketing account with Buzzbizz Studios, your account manager will not sign with a competing company in your market. Your strategy is never shared with anyone and your plan is only known to the public as it is implemented.

What's a Marketing Super-tool?

When talking about marketing, we use the phrase marketing super tool because we are more than just a consulting firm. Within the walls of Buzzbizz Studios you have a complete arsenal of marketing resources in your hands. Much like a Leatherman®, we are a multi-tool solution to your marketing needs. You don’t have to worry that we are selling you into a particular medium or product because that is all we know. We find the right avenues for your situation, then utilize the correct tools to implement your marketing.

Each resource within the studios is an educated expert in their field. With dedicated experts for each medium to refer to, your marketing consultant can efficiently explore options between mediums when creating your marketing strategy. Call the studio today for a free consultation to find out what a marketing super tool can do for you.