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Internet Advertising

There are many facets to Internet marketing. The most important element your company should consider is web site development. Once you have successfully built a compelling story on-line, it is time to get your story seen. There are four main ways to promote your web site: search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Internet display advertising, and social media. Buzzbizz Studios can help you with all four. Having an advertising agency cover all four helps give you a consistant message. The first three solutions are covered in our Web Development section. In this section, we will be covering the fourth: Internet display advertising.

Choosing effective web sites to advertise on can be as complicated as deciding how to display your message once have chosen sites. Buzzbizz Studios can help you choose the right sites, how to effectively display your campaign on those sites, and produce the creative to be displayed. We have a monetizing system in placing Internet advertising: plan, buy, probe, and tweak. The advantage you have with Internet advertising is that everything is trackable; you can monetize your investment down to the hour. Call the studio today to unlock the possibilities of the Internet.

The Four Steps of Internet Advertising


Taking into account your goals, demographics and budget, we find the sites best suited for your on-line advertising campaign.


Negotiate the best deals possible on the sites chosen for your campaign and verify the vendors deliver on the contracts put in place for your on-line advertising.


Track the traffic created by your Internet campaign and quanitify the effectiveness of the placement in relation to monetizing your campaign.


Make the necessary adjustments to your Internet advertising in order to multiply your success and alleviate any short comings in return on your investment.