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Video and the Golden Age of Digital Marketing

Most every digital marketing guru you talk to will say we are just now seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of social media marketing. When it comes to effective presentation, there is one common thread between social media platforms, and that is video content. 
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What It Takes To Create A Magazine

Humans are tactile creatures, and when it comes to marketing it is vital to keep this fact in mind. When you hold something in your hands, it resonates with you. The look, the feel, the weight, the finish. Each of these factors represents what you are marketing; no matter how small the details may seem at first glance. 
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Video Can Transform Your Business

What is the best way you, as a business owner, can fully convey what you do without showing someone face-to-face? If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million words in a matter of seconds. As a small business, creating videos can act as a tool in the buyer’s decision making process, from start to finish. Regardless of your industry, communicating via video is powerful. Not only is video impactful, it can be extremely useful. Different video types are suited for different purposes. Read more about how Video Can Transform Your Business

Social Media Matters

5 years ago, the world was still acclimating to social media. Now, social media has integrated itself into our everyday lives. Depending on who you ask, we spend anywhere from 1-2 hours engaging within a social media network each day, and this does not include the time we spend on external sites discovered using a platform. As a small business in Anchorage, communicating with your customers is key. Social media is simply human communication, evolved for the current digital world. Read more about the importance of Social Media here.

Buzzbizz Creative Print Services

At Buzzbizz Creative we offer all kinds of printing services to satisfy both personal and corporate needs. Our prices are competitive but we do not compromise quality or costumer service. We can print any promotional material for a company, from booklets or brochures to catalogues, stagger cut flyers or rack cards. As well we print corporate identity material, such as letter heads and envelopes or business cards. Read more about print services here.

The Features of Mobile Websites

The ultimate goal of any site, mobile or otherwise, is to provide the visitor with the information or services desired, and do so in the easiest and most fulfilling way. There is only one way of attaining this ideal, you have to optimize your website for mobile access through proper website design, which can be achieved by paying close attention to the following mobile website features. Read more about mobile websites here.

Anchorage SEO in 2016

It is 2016, and the rules of SEO have changed. For businesses to see a clear return on investment, there are several factors that must be considered when crafting an SEO strategy. At Buzzbizz Creative, we understand that your business is evolving and needs a marketing strategy to follow suit. Using local SEO, media production, a mobile-responsive website design, and quality content, businesses can improve their search engine results to stay at the forefront of any given industry. Read our tips about the best practices in SEO for 2016.

Boldly Go Where No Brand Has Gone Before

Becoming a business owner is a bold move for even the most confident of personalities. The risk is high, the margins are always slim, and competition is looming at every corner. So what does the new entrepreneur do to help make his new venture successful? Well brand with purpose, of course! Read more about important your brand is to your business.

Getting Into Sticky Conversations

Every time you ask the question of how to get your social media going, the experts will tell you “content marketing”. But what is content marketing and why is it important to you? Content marketing is a fancy way of saying content creation. The main idea behind creating content within your social media channels is to create engagement (a fancy way of saying conversation). The secret behind engagement is to create what is called sticky content, or stuff people will get into, share, and talk about. Read our four easy ways to create your own sticky content and get conversations started on your social media site or blog.

Make Online Advertising Count

According to Business News Daily staff writer David Mielach, “New research has found that the average user spends 23 hours a week emailing, texting and using social media and other forms of online communication.” That equates to roughly 2.5 hours per day. With so many outlets to choose from, how does a business owner know their advertising message is getting across? Read more about how to make your online advertising count.

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